Dennis Kelley has been a Stix player for over 20 years! He has many years of working at the Michigan Renaissance Festival teaching people how to play Stix!

Beverly Kelley is the wife of Dennis Kelley and is very important part of the company. She is our Heart!

Ryan Murdock has been playing stix for 20 years. He also helped in the design of the Pheonix Stix and Poi. He has a lot of unique moves that only he does! You should check him out someday!

Randi Murdock is the wife of Ryan and is an awesome poi player! She plays stix also but her poi playing is truly something to see.

Heather Durham has been playing Stix for over 20 years. She is very photogenic with her awesome tricks and smile! She is one of the few people at faire that can do doubles! If you don’t know what that is, ask her! She would love to show you!