Please if you have any issues with the online ordering, give us a call on our phone number!

Call 810-919-1429 for questions and orders!

We offer a limited manufacturing warranty for our Performance Stix only.

The Standards and Classic Stix do not have any warranty or guarantee on materials or manufacturing.

We have been playing with Juggling Sticks for over 30 years! We know how to make a premium, high-quality juggling Stick!

We choose the name Phoenix Stix because we created our version of the Stix based off of years of playing other juggling sticks.
Rising to success is our goal!

Heather, Ryan, Randi, Beverly and Dennis!

We primarily work at the Michigan Renaissance Festival but are expanding to do other craft fares and events.

We can also be hired for private group lessons. Please contact us for details.

If you would like us to keep you updated via emails and received info about discounts please click on the following link.